Evolving technology is consistently opening up new areas of expertise, and geography is one of them, with strong projected growth.

Students looking for a tech-forward way to work with natural sciences can go far with a focus on geography.


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Studying Geography at Waubonsee

The curriculum works through basic principles and advances to management and best practices, focusing on the relationship between geography and functionality.

Waubonsee geography students train in hands-on, state-of-the-art digital labs on ArcGIS software, recognized as the industry standard. Class sizes are capped, so each student receives personal attention from our certified, experienced instructors.

Working in Geography

There’s a wide variety of global applications for this unique profession. Beyond traditional geography, geographic information systems (GIS) use is increasingly prominent, including GPS in phones and cars, transportation and distribution, and various mapping applications.

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Costs and Payments


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Gainful Employment

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