Waubonsee Foundation Scholarships

  • Each year, the Waubonsee Foundation offers over 300 awards to new and returning Waubonsee students.
  • Because eligibility criteria varies widely from scholarship to scholarship, all students are highly encouraged to apply!
  • One application gets you consideration for all the Foundation scholarships for which you may be eligible.
  • The Foundation scholarship application- for use during the 2024-2025 academic year- is now open. 
    • Priority deadline: February 5, 2024
    • Final deadline: May 13, 2024

Apply for a Foundation Scholarship

Interested in becoming a High School Science Teacher?

The NIU/Waubonsee Noyce Program provides scholarships, internships, stipends, training and a support system for Waubonsee science majors. Check out this amazing opportunity! 

Other Waubonsee Scholarships

Waubonsee Success Scholarship

Waubonsee knows that everyone can use at least a little bit of help when it comes to paying for college tuition, fees and/or course materials. The Waubonsee Success Scholarship guarantees that all eligible students receive something, with some qualifying students getting all their educational costs covered.  

Waubonsee Success Scholarship

Academic and Athletic Scholarships

High school students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and community service should apply for Waubonsee's prestigious Gustafson Scholarship.

Gustafson Scholarship

For talented in-district student-athletes, Waubonsee offers more than 60 annual athletic scholarships in 13 different sports. 

Athletic Scholarships 

Emergency Needs Scholarship Fund

The Emergency Needs Scholarship Fund is sponsored by the Waubonsee Community College Foundation and is designed to assist currently enrolled students who experience an unusual, unexpected or exceptional emergency that jeopardizes their financial ability to continue their academic studies. To see if you qualify for assistance through the Emergency Needs Scholarship Fund, view the program details in mywcc.

Emergency Needs Scholarship Fund

Other Scholarships and Resources

Local External Scholarships

Several area agencies and organizations also offer scholarships to Waubonsee students. You can review the scholarships currently available including applicant qualifications, application deadlines, and links to their websites at:

Academic Works

Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity (ECACE) Scholarship

The ECACE Scholarship covers the total cost of attendance, less any other financial aid received, for early childhood education students who work or have worked in the field.

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Aplique Ahora

Scholarship Searches

Several websites offer free scholarship searches that allow students to find and apply for a variety of scholarships. These sites and the scholarships listed are not endorsed by Waubonsee.