At Waubonsee, we support civic engagement—any individual or collective effort that supports the needs of a community or society through intentional outreach programs or initiatives.

That means we recognize the power of volunteering, and we want our students to have opportunities to connect with the community and feel the impact they can make. We advocate civic engagement for students, faculty and staff through making introductions to organizations with specific needs, hosting events on campus, and incorporating various efforts into our teaching model.

Student Day of Service

Events To Get Involved In

What type of civic engagement resonates with you?

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Community Service or Volunteering

Donate time and energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than for financial reward. This may be one time or ongoing for an organization or community in need.


Staff member helping two visitors at Aurora Downtown Open House in 2019

Deliberate Dialogue

Facilitate better communication, relationships and understanding between individuals or groups through workshops, seminars, town hall meetings, etc.

Photo of Dr. Sobek in the community

Community Partnerships

Partner with community groups to promote a better community, Often these partnerships involve organizations such as community organizations and mental health organizations.

Helping hand in community services


Increase the well-being of humankind through charitable aid or donations.

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