The Tutoring Center will be open from June 10th to August 1st for the Summer session.

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Tutoring to help you succeed

Waubonsee Community College Tutoring Centers offer Live Chat/Zoom drop-in or in-person appointment-based tutoring services. Our goal is to provide free and convenient academic support for all Waubonsee students. Waubonsee Tutors are dedicated professionals who create supportive and enriched online environments to assist you when you need them.

Summer 2024 Open Hours

Sugar Grove

Collins Hall 144
Mondays - Thursdays
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Aurora Downtown

Rooms 215 & 217
1 p.m. - 6 p.m.


Zoom Drop-In

*Requires mywcc student login.

How to Meet with a Tutor or an Academic Coach!



No appointment needed! Just come by one of our locations or our Zoom room during the open hours listed above, and you can meet with a tutor or academic coach! Drop-in is based on first come, first serve.


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Appointments are available for all subjects and academic coaching, in-person and virtual! Appointments are also available after open hours!


Do you want to meet with a tutor for a subject we don't offer? Or are you studying late into the night? Try, our 24/7 online tutoring service, available FREE to all students!

Not sure how to make an appointment?


Or do you want more information? Fill out a request form and a tutor or coach will get back to you!

*Requires mywcc student login.

Did you know the Tutoring Center is on Canvas?

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Check us out by enrolling in our Canvas shell and unlocking hundreds of academic resources!

FAQs About Tutoring and Coaching Sessions

About the Tutoring Center

Course Navigator

If you have had an online, flex, or hybrid course, you may have been introduced to a course navigator. A Navigator is a direct link to help you connect to non-content questions and resources. The navigator will be embedded in your courses via Canvas and Zoom. They can assist you with connection to college resources, such as tutoring, academic coaching, and library services.  

Navigators CANNOT assist you with instructional questions (please speak to your instructor for that), but they can help you be a successful student. 

Upcoming Academic Support Events


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Tutoring Center
Collins Hall 144
Aurora Downtown 215
(630) 466-2408

Online Chat

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Have a quick question for a tutor? Not sure how to get connected with a tutor?  We can help!