Start Supported

First and foremost, you come here to succeed in the classroom, and you can be confident that at Waubonsee, you’ll find all the support and resources you need to do just that. But remember that college is about more than just classes - it’s about growing as a person!

Read on to learn about the many ways we work together to maximize your chances for success and the many opportunities we offer to enhance your overall college experience.

I Want Support for My Success!

Take the first step by requesting info on all the ways Waubonsee can support your academic and personal success.

Academic Support

You’ve got goals, and we’ve got the support to help you achieve them. Count on our dedicated faculty to do more than teach: they enlighten, they encourage, and they engage with each individual student. And that encouragement and engagement extends to our academic support services, all designed so you can make the most of your time in the classroom. 

Student Services

Of course, daily college life includes homework but also other tasks like making sure your course registrations are set, your Wi-Fi is working, your books are the right ones, and more! Our friendly staff is here for you, ready to make your life a little easier.

Extra Support and Accommodations

If you have specific needs that need to be met to enable you to succeed on your college journey, please let us know. Here are just some of the specialized services you can take advantage of.

Life Outside the Classroom

Be sure to take the time to explore your personal interests, develop your leadership skills, and have some fun!