The following information details how the college will notify you of unexpected campus closures.

If the college closes due to an unplanned situation, such as a power outage, etc., or severe weather, information regarding the closing will be communicated through the following methods:

If the college is closing due to severe weather conditions such as snow, ice, or extreme cold, additional communication methods will include:

Information in the closing message will include:

  • Indication if the college closure is for day and/or evening hours
  • Campus or class locations which may be affected (i.e.: Sugar Grove Campus, Aurora Downtown Campus, Aurora Fox Valley Campus, or other extension sites).
  • Indication of when the college anticipates reopening

The decision to close due to an unplanned situation will be communicated as quickly as possible. The decision to close due to severe weather will normally be communicated by 5:00 a.m. for daytime closings and by 3:30 p.m. for evening closings.

The Waubonsee Alert System draws contact information from the college’s registration database. An email will go to your Waubonsee student email address, a text message will go to the cellphone number(s) on file, if any, and a recorded voice message will go to the phone number(s) on file, if any. Contact information can be updated through the Registration and Records Department.


If you are in a campus facility during a tornado warning, take these precautions:

  • Look for designated shelter areas or take refuge in an interior hallway/stairwell
  • Avoid rooms and other areas with windows
  • Stay as close to the ground or floor as possible to avoid injury from flying debris
  • Remain calm and provide assistance to others in locating the designated shelter areas
  • If you are outside when a tornado warning siren sounds, move to a campus building immediately