If the college closes due to severe weather or any other emergency, information will be communicated through the following methods:

  • Waubonsee Alert System: text, email and voice to current students and employees
  • The college website: www.waubonsee.edu
  • The Emergency Closings Center: www.emergencyclosings.com
  • Local TV and radio stations
  • Auto Attendant: phone

Day class cancellations will be posted by 5 a.m. Evening class cancellations will be posted by 3:30 p.m.


If you are in a campus facility during a tornado warning, take these precautions:

  • Look for designated shelter areas or take refuge in an interior hallway/stairwell
  • Avoid rooms and other areas with windows
  • Stay as close to the ground or floor as possible to avoid injury from flying debris
  • Remain calm and provide assistance to others in locating the designated shelter areas
  • If you are outside when a tornado warning siren sounds, move to a campus building immediately