Textbooks your way! We offer new books, used books, e-text books and textbook rentals — you choose!

Textbook Rental Program

Summer 2024 textbook rentals are due Saturday, August 3, 2024. For more information on textbook rentals and textbook rental returns, please visit our textbook rental page. Please email bookstore@waubonsee.edu if you have questions.

Waubonsee students save an average of 40% - 60% upfront when they take advantage of our textbook rental program. Watch for our fluorescent green "Rental" stickers on front of the textbooks, or check our online bookstore for books that are available to rent each term.

Terms and conditions apply; see the rental contract or ask at our customer service counter.

Used Books—Now Dynamically Priced

We heard you. Books are expensive, so we now search for the best prices in the marketplace and pass the savings on to you. Used books are offered at greater savings than ever before, and we guarantee that you have the correct book for class or bring it back and we will replace it for you. No need to go online elsewhere to get the best deals—we've done it for you!


VitalSource e-text books can be purchased in store, at our online bookstore or at waubonsee-store.vitalsource.com. VitalSource's e-text benefits include: guaranteed savings, productivity tools and mobility. Check course requirements to see if an e-book is an option for you. Please visit our etext page for more information.

Bookstore Financial Aid Voucher

Fall 2024 Term

Financial Aid Pell Grants for fall term 2024 are available in the Bookstore through Wednesday, September 4, 2024.

Student loans for fall term 2024 are available in the Bookstore through Wednesday, September 4, 2024.

Financial Aid can be used on approved purchases through the use of a book voucher. Date restrictions apply and are posted each term. The Financial Aid Office awards and approves financial aid. Bookstore vouchers may be available for grants, scholarships, loans and other financial aid. Bookstore vouchers are automatically issued to grant and/or loan recipients that have financial aid in excess of their current charges, based on current enrollment. See the Financial Aid Handbook for book voucher maximum amounts. Contact the Financial Aid Office about Bookstore vouchers for other programs.