About C.A.M.I.N.O.S.

The Waubonsee Latinx Resource Center is excited to announce the launch of C.A.M.I.N.O.S., a new mentoring program for Latinx students.

The Creating Alliance through Mentoring and Inclusive Navigation of Opportunities for Students (C.A.M.I.N.O.S) will allow all students to develop themselves professionally, mentally, and academically.

The program will prepare students for their journey inside and outside of Waubonsee Community College. Throughout the program, we will be incorporating cultural awareness of the Latinx culture.

Our goals are retention, graduation, and transfer!

Join C.A.M.I.N.O.S.!

Download our Mentor Application Form & Review the Agreement Form. Complete it and return it by email to: LRC@waubonsee.edu or visit the Aurora Downtown Campus, Room 250.