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When you enroll at Waubonsee, you're opening the door to your future—and starting your education journey with meaningful classroom experiences. We're proud of our focus on learning, and the emphasis our mission puts on giving you the best education possible. Dedicated faculty are fully committed to your success, and academic programs position you to pursue the career of your dreams, from business, science and industry to arts and education. From day one, you'll be inspired, enlightened and ready for whatever comes next, whether that's joining the workforce or continuing with higher education.

Choose your program and start your Waubonsee experience

With all the education options at Waubonsee, there's an academic program or path that's right for you—no matter what your goals are.

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Transfer to a four-year university

You're just getting started on your education, and there's a bachelor's degree in your future. So right now, you need a transfer degree program. Ours include Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) degrees built with general education requirements and electives in your chosen area of concentration, enabling you to transfer to most colleges and universities as a junior.

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Move into a new or different career

You want to enter the workforce quickly or move within it, with relevant skills that don’t take years to develop. Our career programs are your best choice. Choose from Certificates of Achievement and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees in a variety of high-demand fields, helping you get a new job more quickly or advancing in the one you already have.

Balancing School and Work

Balance classes with work, play and life

School is important, but you know it will take some effort to make it work with your other commitments like job and family responsibilities. Our flexible online learning options mean you can study at home or elsewhere, when it works for your schedule—and you'll still have the same high-quality education experience that helps you achieve your goals.

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What if I'm not sure?

Sometimes it takes some time to find the right fit. Don't worry! Community colleges like Waubonsee are a great place to learn about career fields and explore programs. Use our tool to get started or simply explore programs by subject areas.

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Take noncredit classes for professional fulfillment

You don't have to pursue a degree to take advantage of college classes. Maybe you want to improve your business acumen or get an industry certification. Waubonsee has options in our Professional Development and Adult Education curriculum.

I Want to Explore My Options!

Take the first step by requesting more information on one or more of the programs you're interested in. 

Important Academic Dates

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You'll find a variety of important dates and deadlines throughout the site and in the link above, but you can also view our Academic Calendars here:

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