The intersection of science and culture is a vibrant, fascinating and evolving place to be—a place where humanity is asking to be understood in past, present and future terms.

People who pursue careers in social and behavioral sciences have a passion for understanding, for making an impact, for being a catalyst of change in the lives of others and in society as a whole.

For those who see a future shifting the perspectives in our world, Waubonsee’s programs in Social and Behavioral Sciences do something awesome.

Our Social and Behavioral Sciences curricula challenge students to connect with subject matter, and with each other. Classrooms expand beyond their walls with experiential opportunities to communicate, discover and be enlightened—while faculty help you focus on your personal roadmap with individual attention. You’ll shape your career direction and develop abilities that expand your understanding.

When you follow your professional passion and start your studies in social and behavioral science at Waubonsee, you’ll find personal fulfillment and purpose far beyond your expectations.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Stories

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I want to shed light on the struggle of being a person of Arabic descent in a colonized world

Natalie; Political Science

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