Insightful guidance from local leaders keeps our foundation flourishing

Every successful organization has strong footings, and our foundation is fortunate to have the support of talented individuals who share a bright vision of the future. The Waubonsee Community College Foundation Board of Directors is made up of community members from the college district, a board of trustees liaison, the president of the college, the executive director of the foundation, a treasurer and several college administrators who are ex-officio members.


Edward Keating
Edward Keating - Foundation Board President


Michael Williams
Michael Williams - Foundation Board Vice President

Vice President

W. Richard Hoster III
Richard Hoster - Foundation Board member



Jimi Allen
Jimi Allen - Foundation Board Member


Marcia Ayala
Marcia Ayala - Foundation Board member


Dale Berman
Dale Berman - Foundation Board Director


Carl Dekker
Carl Dekker - Foundation Board Member


Matthew Dennison
Matthew Dennison, Foundation Board Director


Brian Dolan
Brian Dolan - Foundation Board Director


Jim Eccher
Jim Eccher


Theodia Gillespie
Theodia Gillespie - Foundation Board Director


Yonas Hagos
Yonas Hagos


Behati Hart
Behati Hart - Foundation Board member


Dr. Diane Homan
Dr. Diane Homan - Foundation Board Director


Dr. Thomas Huberty
Thomas Huberty - Foundation Board member


Kaleshia Page
Kaleshia Page - Foundation Board member


Kevin Pennington
Kevin Pennington - Foundation Board Member


Stacy Ries
Stacey Ries


Wamecca Rodriguez
 Wamecca Rodriguez


Colette Rozanski
Colette Rozanski - Foundation Board member


Dr. Gina Santori
Dr. Gina Santori - Foundation Board member


Brian Schmidt
Brian Schmidt headshot


Tim Tremain
Tim Tremain - Foundation Board member


Kris Wano
Kris Wano - Foundation Board Member


Matthew Winkle
Matt Winkle - Foundation Board member


Waubonsee Board of Trustees Liaison: Stacey Ries, BSN, JD, CHC
Waubonsee College President: Brian Knetl, Ed.D.
Waubonsee Vice President of Finance and Administration: Douglas E. Minter
Waubonsee Vice President of Community Engagement and Executive Director of the Foundation: Melinda Tejada, Ed.D.
Waubonsee Assistant Vice President of Finance and Foundation Executive Treasurer: John Bryant


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For more information on the Foundation Board, contact:

Development Office
Sugar Grove Campus
Dickson Center, 2nd Floor
(630) 466-2316