Withdrawing from classes

Life happens! There might be any number of reasons you may not be able to complete a semester at Waubonsee once you start it—a job change, family obligations, injury, military service or other unplanned situation.

Our advisors and faculty work hard to make sure you can keep on track to achieve your education goals, but if something happens, contact our Financial Aid advisors or Academic and Career Advising to talk through specific details about how—or if!—taking a break from classes impacts your tuition and financial aid, and your degree plan.

If you do consider withdrawing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Types of withdrawal

  • Student-initiated withdrawal, students are responsible for officially withdrawing from each course(s) they are no longer attending
  • Active military service, when a student is called to active duty for seven or more days will be eligible for a refund of tuition of fees
  • Non-payment, payment is due at the time of registration. If a student does not pay in full or enroll in a payment plan and make a down payment at the time of registration, students will be withdrawn from each course(s)
  • Administrative withdrawal, when students are not actively attending, who are enrolled in courses not consistent with placement testing and course prerequisites, or who receive sanctions from the Student Conduct Board
  • Financial Aid, withdrawing from courses prior to completion of 60% of the term may result in the return of Title IV funds. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their Financial status with Financial Aid Advisor prior to withdrawing from courses

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