Interested in becoming a High School Science Teacher?

The NIU/Waubonsee Noyce Program provides scholarships, internships, stipends, training and a support system for Waubonsee science majors. Check out this amazing opportunity! 

STEM matters. Science, technology, engineering and math are the backbone of modern business, medicine, education and nearly every advancement made today—and will continue to increase in importance as the world economy evolves.

Our highly technical, information-based society requires vast numbers of individuals with STEM knowledge and skills. STEM professionals are collaborative, creative problem solvers, and their work shapes the future.

Waubonsee offers several specialties in STEM disciplines, giving students the opportunity to delve deeper into areas of interest and convert that interest into an energizing career.

Curriculum takes students from foundations to specifications. Top-notch faculty have created an advanced, experiential learning environment that engages and challenges students at every level, and learning is elevated in state-of-the-art labs and classrooms.

You’ll find what you need to propel yourself forward into a profession that can change the world.

A career in STEM puts innovation and ingenuity to work, and a Waubonsee degree will inspire achievements that make an impact today and tomorrow.

STEM Stories

Photo of Roxana Garcia

Although I am getting a late start at a degree, I honestly feel that my age gives me an advantage.

Roxana; Earth Sciences
Photo of Caroline Amelse

I went back to my roots, completely inspired by my experience in Professor Voorhees’ class.

Caroline's Story
photo of Isai Madriz

Dream big, reach high, for there will be a time someone will see your efforts and provide you the opportunity to show the world your dream.

Isaí's Story
Photo of mathematics faculty

We offer opportunities for students to explore... ideas that are not normally presented to students during the first two years of college

Mathematics Department

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Visual and Performing Arts, Education and Sciences

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Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Business, Technology, and Workforce Education Division

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