Welcome! Here you’ll find most of what you need to know about what’s new at Waubonsee, the courses being offered, and the registration steps required for any given semester - fall, spring or summer.

Summer Semester - An Overview

Most summer courses start May 23 or June 13.

Interactive Publication

Start with this interactive publication to orient yourself with what’s happening this semester, including:

  • Semester Highlights
  • Academic Disciplines
  • Noncredit Areas
  • Tuition and Fees
  • How to Read the Course Schedule
  • How to Register
  • And More!

Course and Program Info

Explore credit and noncredit courses and offerings, filtered to fit your preferences, with our online Course Search tool.

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Learn which courses are required for your chosen degree or certificate program by using the college catalog or our transfer pathways.

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Transfer Pathways

Of course, whether you’re new to Waubonsee or have been studying here for a while, you may want some help planning your coursework and overall academic journey, and we’re happy to provide it!

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Summer Only Students
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