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Campus Visit Tips - Questions to Ask, Places to See

When you take the time to visit a college campus, you want to maximize the experience. To help, we've suggested some things "to ask" and "to do" in a variety of categories. 

Academic Program Information 

To Ask: 

  • Does my major have special admissions requirements, separate from the college’s general requirements? 
  • How successful are graduates from this program?
  • Are internships available? Mentors? 


  • Visit the classroom building/facilities where your major courses will be held. 
  • Meet a faculty member, the academic advisor or a current student from your major.  

Financial Info 

To Ask: 

  • Are there any special scholarships I qualify for based on my accomplishments, interests or activities? 
  • What percentage of your students receive some kind of financial assistance? 
  • Any financial deadlines I should be aware of? 
  • What are the opportunities for on-campus employment? 


  • Meet with a financial aid advisor. Try to get estimated aid for students like you and clear sense of next steps. 

Campus Life and Support 

To Ask:

  • What is student housing like? What options exist?  
  • What are transportation options to campus (train, bus, plane, etc.)?
  • Can I have a car on campus? What is parking like and what does it cost? 
  • What amenities and services do you have on campus (ex. Fitness Center, health care, tutoring)? 
  • What do students do for fun on and off campus (ex. clubs, campus activities and events, etc.)? 


  • Eat a meal at the dining hall to sample the food. 
  • Spend a night in a residence hall. 
  • Try to explore the area around campus to see if there are restaurants, shops and other entertainment options - or even a good option for off-campus employment! 

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