Giving you the skills to move forward

Everyone can benefit from a higher education, but we understand that not everyone is equally prepared for college-level coursework. Waubonsee can help you strengthen certain foundational skills before you move on, so you have the best chance of success.

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Learn at your level

All full-time degree-seeking students, as well as other English and math students, must receive proper course placement. You may place into courses that are less than 100-level, sometimes called developmental courses. Since these courses build your skill levels in core subjects, it is recommended that you take them in your first semester at Waubonsee.

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Learn how to learn

Being in the right classes is only the start. Waubonsee also offers personal development courses that teach study strategies and other skills that will help you in the classroom—and in life. Plus, you're never alone: You can access tutoring and academic coaching at our Tutoring Centers.

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Waubonsee Talks - College Basics

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