Apprentice at The Hartford

Get tuition paid, plus a salary while earning insurance industry credentials. Graduate to a full-time job at The Hartford.

Earning While Learning

Apprenticeship is a structured work-based learning model that supports professional development by providing concurrent on-the-job training and education. Apprenticeship programs are defined career pathways for people of all ages who want to earn a competitive salary while attending college. Employers that participate in apprenticeship programs cut recruitment costs while gaining a skilled workforce. Employers have the option of partnering with Waubonsee on unregistered apprenticeships or apprenticeships registered with the Department of Labor.

For Students For Employers

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For Students

Start Your Career, Get Your Tuition Paid and Earn Money With An Apprenticeship

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If you’re seeking a degree and a career, Waubonsee has an exciting opportunity for you!

Students Gain:

  • Relevant work experience that aligns with areas of study
  • Competitive salary
  • Paid college education
  • Academic and professional mentorship
  • Industry recognized credentials

Currently, there are opportunities in Automation Technology (Industrial Maintenance Mechanic), Cybersecurity, Business, and other AA/AS/AAS degrees.

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For Employers

Employers Gain

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  • Assistance in bridging skills gaps
  • Additional recruitment strategies
  • Savings of recruitment costs
  • Increased employee loyalty and reduction of turnover
  • Diversified workforce
  • Illinois Tax Credit

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The Sr. Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Sugar Grove Campus - Akerlow 253 or 230
(331) 257-6596