Kick-start your career with an internship

A recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that almost 73% of students who complete an internship receive a job offer.

Internships offer valuable resume-building experiences while earning college credit at the same time.

Whether your internship experiences take place on or off campus, the skills you acquire will help prepare you for your future career.

Credit Internships are available to Waubonsee students in general studies as well as many other specializations.

Audio Production
Auto Body Repair*
Automation Technology
Automotive Technology
Business Administration
Computer Aided Drafting & Design
Computer Information Systems
Construction Management Technology
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education Administration*
Geographical Information Systems
Graphic Design
Industrial Technology
Machine Tool Technology
Mass Communication
Physical Education
World Wide Web

Tuition rates apply. Contact us to learn more about credit internship options for programs not listed above. Eligibility requirements include completing all prerequisite courses and obtaining consent from a faculty supervisor.

Internship course numbers are ITS 297, ITS 298, ITS 299. You will need a Course Registration Number (CRN) from the corresponding Dean’s office in order to register. Contact Career Development to get started.

*Accounting, Auto Body Repair and Early Childhood Education Administration have department specific internship course numbers.
Auto Body Repair: ABR 297, ABR 298, ABR 299
Accounting: ACC 297, ACC 298, ACC 299
Early Childhood Education Administration: ECE 299

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