An international study experience immerses you in culture that spans the globe

Build multicultural competencies for a global economy by exploring the diversity and wonder of the worldwide community when you live and study abroad. Receive credit for the classes you take, learn a new language, and make lifelong friends throughout a memorable international journey. A study abroad experience is also attractive to future employers, as it showcases your decision-making skills, ability to work independently, and adaptability in a new culture.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Waubonsee’s study abroad programs are offered during the summer, fall and spring semesters in partnership with the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs (ICISP). Through ICISP, you can participate in exciting study abroad programs in a variety of different countries.

You can begin researching these programs at or by visiting Career Development. An Academic & Career Advisor can answer questions about studying abroad, help you compare programs, connect you with resources to determine how studying abroad fits with your academic program’s requirements, and assist with the application process.

Applications for study abroad programs are due several months prior to the desired program date.

  • Fall programs: May 15
  • Spring programs: October 15
  • Summer programs: February 15

Paying for Study Abroad Programs

Financial aid that students receive to study at Waubonsee can often be used for studying abroad in one of ICISP’s programs. You may also be eligible to apply for scholarships. Waubonsee's Financial Aid department can help you determine how much would be covered by your financial aid and share options for covering costs not paid for by financial aid.

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