Faculty challenging, and supporting, students

One of the key advantages of community colleges is the work of their faculty — including the faculty at Waubonsee, who are committed to student success and excellence in teaching. They are dedicated, talented, passionate and inspirational.

In our campus and online classrooms, our faculty puts student success first. From engaging lectures and instruction to one-on-one attention, you can count on our instructors to challenge, encourage and support you through every step of your academic journey.

On any given day, our faculty members are creating and contributing to knowledge about their subject areas, and sharing their expertise across the country and world. They often receive recognition for their work on campus and in their areas of study.

Our faculty combines their love of teaching with a passion for contributing to student and community success through their knowledge and research. We are proud to have such an outstanding faculty at Waubonsee Community College.

Read about some of Waubonsee’s noteworthy faculty

Dani Fischer

Dani Fischer, Associate Professor of Biology, was named our college’s 2016 Outstanding Faculty Member, and was named a recipient of a National Institute for Staff and Organizational (NISOD) Excellence Award. NISOD is a membership organization dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching, learning and leadership at technical and community colleges. Fischer has earned a reputation as an expert in her field and an advocate for innovative teaching in science, biology and related fields. The 1998 Illinois Math and Science Academy graduate also demonstrates her passion for these studies through her leadership and involvement in many professional and community organizations dedicated to science education.

Bill Trunkhill

Professor of Mathematics Bill Trunkhill completed a research project and thesis titled, “The Solution of Large Linear Systems via Stationary and Non-stationary Iterative Methods.” As part of his research, Trunkhill explored the real-world applications. In addition to examples commonly found in mathematics, engineering and the sciences, Trunkhill explains the mathematics behind the Google search engine which is used by millions of people every day. Trunkhill has shared his research with Waubonsee faculty, is updating the curricula of several Waubonsee mathematics courses, and plans to incorporate his research into student Honors projects.

David Voorhees

David Voorhees, Associate Professor of Earth Science/Geology, participated in a National Science Foundation (NSF) review of programs. The NSF Geosciences Directorate Committee of Visitors on Education and Diversity and Polar Special Initiatives took place at the NSF headquarters in Arlington, VA. Committees of Visitors review the management of selected NSF programs and make recommendations to ensure continued high standards. Voorhees was one of eight invited participants and the only participant from a two-year college.

Pratima Jindal

In 2017, for the third consecutive year, Associate Professor of Physics Dr. Pratima Jindal was awarded a United States Compact Muon Solenoid Teacher Fellowship Grant from the National Science Foundation, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame and Fermi Lab. The grant was used to offer a two-day workshop for area high school physics teachers, where they studied quark physics and other high-level research.