Despite the increasingly digital world we live in, there continues to be high demand for tangible goods. Manufacturing is how those goods are made and maintained, and therefore demand for highly educated and skilled workers continues as well.

Waubonsee programs in Industry and Manufacturing can unlock a future in key industries where manufacturing plays a pivotal role including food, vehicles and technology. Steady work in large factories, small custom shops and everything in between will be options for you at the conclusion of your Waubonsee program — or go on to pursue an advanced degree.

Our Industry and Manufacturing Programs help you develop skills and gain competencies that you can take anywhere, and manufacturing offers opportunities in numerous career fields. You can study engineering to create or improve product designs and factory technology, or production techniques for fabrication and design specifications. Other specializations include repair and maintenance, transportation and logistics, and business and management. Let our knowledgeable and friendly faculty help you hone in on the focus that suits you best.

Gain the skills, credentials and networking advantages you need from Waubonsee’s Industry and Manufacturing Programs, and build a successful future in this field.

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