Photo of American flag

Tiffany Kinsey, Army Spouse and Current Waubonsee Student

Tiffany Kinsey

Army Spouse and Current Waubonsee Student

Norm Stricklin, United States Navy and Waubonsee Alumnus

Norm Stricklin

United States Navy and Current Waubonsee Student

Chad Lockman, United States Marine Corps Veteran, Superintendent of the Veterans Assistance Commission of Kendall County, and Waubonsee Alumnus

Chad Lockman

United States Marine Corps and Waubonsee Alumnus

Veterans are at a higher risk of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than the general population.


Tolkien points outs what many writers forget—that some wars are worth fighting...


The lesson is, that like human nature itself, war is a complicated weave of good and bad, life and death, heroism and brutality.


I’m kind of proud of myself. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.


We all made lifelong memories and friends that we never would have made if it were not for the program.

Annabelle Barragan

Study Abroad

Anything is truly possible through hard work and dedication

Maria Zarate Espinoza

Accepted into biology research program

It’s a good way to experience relationships.

Kenyon Helm

Business Finance; TRIUMPH Program