Photo of Jessie Giron

I’m kind of proud of myself. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Jessie Giron


We all made lifelong memories and friends that we never would have made if it were not for the program.

Annabelle Barragan

Study Abroad

Anything is truly possible through hard work and dedication

Maria Zarate Espinoza

Accepted into biology research program

It’s a good way to experience relationships.

Kenyon Helm

Business Finance; TRIUMPH Program

Opportunities are there. They [The Hartford] are giving us the tools.

Arlene Castaneda

The Hartford Apprentice Program

Although I am getting a late start at a degree, I honestly feel that my age gives me an advantage.

Roxana Garcia

Earth Sciences

The government is always there, but we don’t always pay attention to the minutia of it. It’s like watching a strategy game.

Joseph Einsle

Political Science

I want to shed light on the struggle of being a person of Arabic descent in a colonized world

Natalie Wakileh

Political Science

I do feel like my education at Waubonsee has benefited my job here at EN Engineering. Michael Chinn

Matthew Maltese and Michael Chinn

Computer Aided Design and Drafting

Little did I know that it [Waubonsee] would open my eyes to an exciting career and spark such personal growth within me.

Heather Binder

Sign Language Interpreting, 1994