Students on Alternative Spring Break 2018

"We hope to encourage individuals who need help to simply ask for it and take care of themselves. In addition, hard work was shown and teamwork was necessary to achieve this accomplishment in one work day."

Waubonsee Students Volunteer On Their Spring Break


Waubonsee is a great partner that is helping our employees become more engaged, motivated, curious and fulfilled with the work that they do.

Pat Divine; Fox Metro

Waubonsee Partners With Businesses

At Waubonsee, sports are used to transform lives into the future leaders of our region and our world.

Kevin Vest; Athletics Manager

Athletics is a part of the college experience at Waubonsee

We offer opportunities for students to explore... ideas that are not normally presented to students during the first two years of college

Mark Crawford; Associate Professor of Mathematics

Mathematics Department Helps Students Succeed

Waubonsee Community College is a wonderful educational institution. 

Kimberly Shliff

Waubonsee Police Cadet

Waubonsee is a great place – a wonderful place to go to school.

Keith Cross

Graduated from Waubonsee in 1989. Now a commander in the Aurora Police Department.

It’s [Waubonsee] not a dead end. It’s an education.

Isaí Madriz

Rode bike to class in Sugar Grove from Aurora; has now earned doctorate degree

I have led an interesting, interesting life. My whole life I have been finding where I fit in, and here at Waubonsee, I have found it.

Rose Whiteside

"73-years-young;" Waubonsee graduate in 2017

I got my GED.... [But] my grades [at Waubonsee] were almost all A’s and B’s. That’s something I have never done before.

Mark Burton

First Student to Complete Waubonsee's Automotive Transportation Service Technology Program

I had a great experience here.

Mario Ramirez

Army Veteran; Waubonsee Graduate in 2017