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12 and 8-week options
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Most traditional semesters last 16 weeks, but you might not be able to make that fit into your schedule. Don't worry, you have other options in the form of our accelerated courses, with classroom and online offerings that meet for just 8 or 12 weeks.

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Personal Enrichment
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You don't have to earn grades, credit or a degree to continue learning. Find a new interest or passion with our short-term, affordable Personal Enrichment courses like photography, video and voice acting, Spanish language, art and even dog training.

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Scholarship Applications are Open
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The 2020-2021 Waubonsee Community College Foundation scholarship application is now available online. The deadline for submitting the online application is February 3, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

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Making College Affordable
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Choosing to attend college is a big decision, and it’s no surprise that cost is a key concern for many students. When you ask, “Can I afford this?” we want you to know the answer is “Yes!”, thanks to low tuition, convenient payment plans, financial aid, and scholarships.

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Photo of Arlene Castaneda

Opportunities are there. They [The Hartford] are giving us the tools.

Arlene's Story
Photo of Roxana Garcia

Although I am getting a late start at a degree, I honestly feel that my age gives me an advantage.

Roxana; Earth Sciences
Photo of Joseph Einsle

The government is always there, but we don’t always pay attention to the minutia of it. It’s like watching a strategy game.

Photo of Natalie Wakileh

I want to shed light on the struggle of being a person of Arabic descent in a colonized world

Natalie; Political Science
Photo of Heather Binder

Little did I know that it [Waubonsee] would open my eyes to an exciting career and spark such personal growth within me.


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