Career Programs Get You Ahead Faster

What is a Waubonsee career program? Also known as a career and technical education (CTE) program, it's an opportunity for you to gain job-specific skills for an entry-level position, or obtain a specialized credential to help advance your career, all while earning college credit.

Career Degrees and Certificates

Whatever option you choose, you'll get the real-world education you need, thanks to our career and technical education faculty, who have experience working in the field they're teaching. Plus, many of these programs feature extensive hands-on practice using the latest industry equipment.

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree

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Combine career-specific coursework with general education courses to complete this degree, which usually takes two or more years.

Certificate of Achievement

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You can focus solely on career-specific coursework and earn this credential in fewer than two years.

Get workplace ready in just one semester with our Short Career Certificates.

  With Waubonsee, you'll be ready for whatever comes your way in your chosen profession.
AAS Degree and Certificate Options
Additional dollars average associate degree holder makes each year compared to high school graduate
State or nationally accredited programs

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Interpreter Training

Career Exploration Events and Resources

Professional Development Meeting

Professional Development - Noncredit

If you're looking for short-term, skill-specific courses that can start, advance or enhance your career without college credit, check out our Professional Development offerings. 

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Apprenticeship is a structured work-based learning model that supports professional development by providing concurrent on-the-job training and education.

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