Supporting you when you serve

We understand that military service sometimes requires being away from class for extended periods of time. Should it be necessary for you to return to active duty, you can have confidence that we'll work with you to make sure you meet your service obligations and still achieve your academic ambitions.

Deployment Procedures

If you are called to active duty while enrolled at Waubonsee, you must present the official letter of notice for active duty to Waubonsee's VA Certifying Official. 

Withdrawal Due to Call to Active Duty

In accordance with Illinois Statute (330 ILCS 60/5.2), students who are called to active military service have the right to receive a refund of tuition and fees applicable to their registration when called to duty for a period of seven or more consecutive days. To initiate the withdrawal process, eligible students should complete the Tuition Appeal Form (printable from their mywcc portal) and attach a copy of their orders. Withdrawn students will receive a notation on their official transcript that reflects that the withdrawal is due to military service. Questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

The following procedures are for students who are enrolled in classes and who are members of the National Guard, Reserves, or active duty United States military that have been called to serve with their military units. Students may elect either option in this situation.

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Financial Aid and VA Education Benefits

Students must contact the School Certifying Official in the Financial Aid Office to determine how their Federal Student Aid could be affected due to their withdrawal. Things you should keep in mind are:

The School Certifying Official will notify the Veterans Administration about withdrawals and last dates of attendance for students who are receiving VA benefits and who are called to duty.

If the student withdraws from all classes in a term and had federal financial aid, the "Federal Return to Title IV Policy" applies.

Any refunds for tuition and fees will be reviewed and calculated by the Financial Aid Office.

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Non-Attendance Due to Military Service

In accordance with Illinois Statute (330 ILCS 60/5.2), a service member enrolled in courses and unable, because of his or her military service, to attend classes on a particular day or days has the right to be excused and to reschedule a course examination administered on the missed day or days. The student and instructor are to determine if the student will be able to successfully complete the course due to missed classes or if the student needs to withdrawal due to military service. A copy of military leave orders must be presented to each instructor prior to their absence(s). Successful completion of the course(s) remains the sole responsibility of the student.

If a student's military service requires them to take a leave of absence (more than 30 consecutive days of active duty) the student should withdraw due to active military service. In accordance with the Higher Education Act 2008; Public Law (110-315), the service member is entitled to be readmitted in the next class or classes in their program after giving notice to re-enroll.

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Textbook Refunds

A full refund for textbooks shall be granted to those students who receive a full tuition refund when called to duty. The textbooks must be returned to the bookstore during the semester of withdrawal.