At their heart, arts and humanities explore how we think and create — philosophies, principles, ideas that are the gateway to communication and understanding. Art, Design and Humanities Programs at Waubonsee focus on philosophy, history, art, music, film, theatre — the inspirational outlets with which we express our innermost thoughts and ideas. It’s how we cultivate the inspiration that opens minds and drives us forward, regardless of our background.

There are many advanced education and employment paths for Art, Design and Humanities students; perhaps none greater than education and media, as well as other liberal, communication and performing arts. A variety of campus organizations provide ample opportunity to enrich your academic experience. In the classroom, instructors at Waubonsee cultivate an atmosphere that encourages creativity and critical thinking, where you can learn through experiences and engagement. There are a variety of arts events on campus and throughout the community, featuring students and professional artists. 

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