Our Board of Trustees represents the communities we serve

Waubonsee Community College is governed by an elected Board of Trustees, who have collectively contributed nearly 125 years of volunteer service and leadership to the college. Trustees are elected for a six-year term and each year the student body elects a student trustee to serve on the board for a one-year term. 

Dates and Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

Rebecca D. Oliver
Portrait of Rebecca D. Oliver

Sugar Grove
Board Member 1997-2021
Business Executive

Richard "Shorty" W. Dickson

Vice Chair
Board Member
1972-1987, 1989-2019
Retired Insurance Executive

Jimmie Delgado
Portrait of Jimmie Delgado

Board Member 2015-2023
Water Reclamation Executive

Richard C. Bodie, M.D.
Portrait of Richard C. Bodie, M.D.

Board Member 1998-2019
Retired Physician

Patrick Kelsey
Portrait of Patrick Kelsey

Board Member 2015-2021
Consulting Scientist

James K. Michels, P.E.
Portrait of James K. Michels, P.E.

Board Member 1987-2023
Retired Consulting Engineer

Greg Thomas
Gregory Thomas

Board Member 2018-2019
Law Enforcement Executive

Allison Rott
Portrait of Allison Rott, Student Trustee

Student Trustee 2018-2019

Unless otherwise noted, all board members are in compliance with Public Act 99-0692 related to state-mandated trustee leadership training. 

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Clerk of the Board
Mary Baccheschi
(630) 466-5704