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In accordance with the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) policies, students enrolling at Waubonsee are classified as in-district students, out-of-district students, out-of-state students, or international students based on their residence. Tuition for credit courses is charged based on your residency classification.

Please view the Waubonsee District #516 map to determine if your address is in our district. If you are unsure, you may also perform an address look-up on your county's tax website (DeKalb, Kane, Kendall, LaSalle, or Will counties) to see if Waubonsee is listed as a taxing body.



Special Residency Classifications

Students who live out-of-district may qualify to have out-of-district tuition charges waived under certain special residency classifications. Many classifications require students to submit the Special Residency Classification Request Form and provide necessary documentation to qualify for special residency classifications. Please see more information below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following Special Residency Classifications will be discontinued beginning Fall 2024. The Summer 2024 term will be the last term students can request these.

  • Attended VALEES Participating High School or Area Career Center
  • Attended an In-District High School

Residency Verification

Waubonsee Community College uses the United States Postal System to validate the mailing address of enrolled students through institutional mailings. These mailings can include but are not limited to, departmental correspondence, 1098T or 1099T tax forms, and informational mailings. Address service is requested with these mailings so that address changes and addresses that are no longer valid can be updated in the student information system.

Students may be required to provide documentation to verify their residency if there is reason to believe the student’s residency is no longer in the district or state. Students who submit address changes to the Registration and Records office may also have to verify their residency. Upon verification of residency, the residency classification will be updated for the appropriate term. Updates to residency classification will not be considered after the posted midterm date for a given term. Any changes after this date will be applied to the following term.

Verification of Residency Documentation

Students required to verify in-district residency or out-of-district residency (within the state of IL) must submit the Residency Verification Form along with the necessary documentation. They must provide a document from each of the following two categories noted in the chart below (total of two documents). Documents must be dated at least 30 days prior to the start of classes for the given term. 

Students who are unable to meet the 30-day requirement must provide one document from Category I, one document from Category II, and another document from either category (three in total) to document a verifiable interest in establishing permanent residency per the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) rules. Special provisions apply in certain circumstances related to the 30-day requirement (see in-district or out-of-district standards for more information).

All documents must show the student’s name and the residential address (not a post office box).

Category I
  • Property tax bill
  • Property Closing Statement
  • Rental Contract or Lease
  • Voter's Registration Card
  • Current Illinois Driver's License
  • Current Illinois State ID
  • Shelter Residency Documentation
Category II
  • Paycheck stub
  • W-2
  • Social Security Statement
  • Unemployment Check Stub
  • INS Documentation
  • Bill (Gas, Electric, Phone, Water, Medical, etc.)
  • Library Card (include name and address)
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Military Active Duty/Discharge Orders


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