If you attend another college or university, but are enrolling at Waubonsee for the first time to pick up some transferable credits this summer, welcome! Once you've picked out your classes, follow the steps outlined below to enroll.

Note: If you have attended Waubonsee before, you can register as a returning student.

Steps to Attend Summer Only

1. Apply


Submit our free New Student Application (NSA). It doesn’t commit you to Waubonsee, but it gets the process started by assigning you a student ID/X-number. It also allows us to better communicate with you throughout the enrollment process.

2. Satisfy Any Prereqs

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If you’re looking to take English or math courses, or another course that has a prerequisite, you’ll need to make sure the prerequisite or placement requirements are met. A popular way to do that is through your home college/university coursework.

You may request a prerequisite registration permit, using the Prerequisite Permit Request Form, for a Waubonsee course if you have completed or are currently enrolled in the prerequisite course at another institution. Please see below for more information.

  • If you've completed the prerequisite course elsewhere
    You will need to upload an unofficial transcript, grade report, or degree audit with your name and the institution’s name on the document in order to submit the form.
  • If you're currently taking the prerequisite course elsewhere
    You will need to provide your unofficial transcript or student schedule from the college/university with the prerequisite course and your name listed. You will also need to provide proof of successful completion once you've have completed the course to secure your enrollment. This follow-up documentation must be submitted by the Thursday before the class starts to secure your enrollment in the course.

Note that you do need a Waubonsee student ID/X-number to submit this form. See previous "Apply" step.

If you don't have current or previous college coursework that qualifies, please view other procedures for placement.

3. Watch Pre-Registration Review

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Complete the online Pre-Registration Review (PRR) tutorial, found in mywcc, where you’ll learn to use the course schedule to select classes.

4. Register for Courses


You’re ready to register! The easiest way to do it is online through the mywcc portal

5. Make a Payment


To hold your classes, make a tuition payment arrangement within one week of your registration.

  • Pay in full (required for less than $200)
  • Enroll in an interest-free payment plan
  • Provide a verified source (financial aid, scholarships, veterans benefits or employer/3rd party)

How to Transfer the Credit Upon Completion

You should work with your home college/university to make sure you understand their processes. However, most will require an official Waubonsee transcript to verify your credits.

Request your Waubonsee Transcript