Our two-year transfer degrees take you halfway to your bachelor's degree

Waubonsee gives you a full college experience that includes high-quality instruction, vibrant student life and the chance to explore possible majors—all at a fraction of the cost. Once you complete your first two years here, you can build on that solid foundation when you transfer to the four-year school of your choice

of our students are pursuing a transfer degree
faculty to student ratio
main associate degrees (AA and AS)

Why Transfer?

Save Money

Compared to Waubonsee’s average annual tuition and fees, you could end up paying three times more at a public four-year university or seven times more at a private four-year school. 

Successful Start

You'll have the freedom to explore possible majors while getting the caring support you need to succeed, whether it's free tutoring, career guidance or special services for a disability. 

Keep Current Life

Living at home has its upsides - keeping your current job; staying close to your family; enjoying free laundry, groceries and parking; and not needing a pair of shower shoes. 

Transfer Program Options

How to Transfer

Transferring schools does take some planning, but utilizing our many resources and working with our expert staff the Counseling, Advising and Transfer Center makes it easy. Learn more about how to successfully transfer to a four-year school.

Upcoming College Visits and Transfer Events