Start at Waubonsee and finish at the 4-year school of your choice.

At Waubonsee Community College, we're dedicated to helping students transfer into the 4-year school of their choice. You can transfer to almost any college or university across the nation. Our students have transferred into almost 800 colleges across the country. Waubonsee has transfer partnerships in place that make transferring to a 4-year institution as easy as possible. We work with you to ensure you are taking the right courses for your intended major and school.

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Why Start at Waubonsee and Transfer?


Compared to Waubonsee’s average annual tuition and fees, you could end up paying three times more at a public four-year university or seven times more at a private four-year school. Tuition & Fees


You'll have the freedom to explore possible majors while getting the support you need to succeed, whether it's free tutoring, career guidance or special services for a disability.

Keep Current Life

Living at home has its upsides - keeping your current job; staying close to your family; enjoying free laundry, groceries and parking; and not needing a pair of shower shoes.

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