Collaborating with area colleges to expand programs for district residents

We want our district residents to follow their dream career paths, even if we don't offer the specific program that can get them started. Therefore, students in Waubonsee's District 516 who wish to pursue career and technical education degree and certificate programs not available at Waubonsee Community College may do so through a cooperative agreement. Through these agreements, our in-district students can enroll in certain occupational degree or certificate programs at other community colleges and pay that college's in-district tuition rate.

  • Students take all specialized courses at the cooperating college.
  • General courses are to be taken at your home College/Waubonsee Community College or as long as you take one course from the or certificate program you are seeking you may take your general classes at the college with the specialized program of your choosing.
  • The cooperating college issues all degrees or certificates for successful completion of the individual program.

Waubonsee participates in the Community College Education Agreement: Comprehensive Agreement Regarding the Expansion of Education Resources (CAREER). All Illinois community colleges participate in this agreement.

Out-of-district students who want to enroll in a program at Waubonsee under a cooperative agreement should contact their own community college first to make initial application. 


Cooperative Agreement Application