You might be surprised at the number of in-demand careers that are based on expertise in math—computer science, engineering, finance and more.

These rewarding jobs are just the beginning, though, as math skills are an advantage in, extend into, and apply to nearly every career.

Your opportunities to study math at Waubonsee may lead you to a four-year degree, but whatever you do, there’s no doubt that math is an essential element of success.

Studying Math at Waubonsee

Waubonsee offers math courses at all levels, including classes to develop skills, transfer into a bachelor's  degree and use for specific career-oriented applications.

In our small classes, qualified instructors provide real interaction and technology that deliver a better learning environment.

Regardless of level, math teaches far more than techniques to solve equations. Our math curriculum teaches analytical thinking, breaking down problems into their core elements, processing information and drawing conclusions from the experience.

You’ll be able to analyze and solve problems in any situation.

Working in Math

Math is at the heart of some careers, like accounting or investment management. Others apply mathematical theory in almost any application you can think of.

Business, manufacturing, communications, management, law, transportation, public service—these industries and many more rely on math skills to build budgets, forecast earnings, and manage projects.

Whether your goal is to work in a math-based field or not, the skills these classes provide are invaluable throughout your career.

A Formula for Your Success

Course Placement

To make sure your math coursework is matching your math skills, you must receive proper course placement through our placement testing, ACT/SAT scores or previous coursework.

Course Placement Info

Developmental Math

If you place into developmental math (less than 100 level), you'll choose one of two math paths, based on your intended major or educational goals. See our Math Paths diagram, and work with Admissions or Counseling to choose the course(s) that will work best for you.

Math Path Diagram (pdf)

Free Tutoring

Waubonsee offers free, walk-in math tutoring. Mathematics courses can be difficult, so be sure to seek out the help you need!

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