Beginner-level coverage of Excel 2019. This skills-based course will present the fundamental tasks for electronic spreadsheet creation. Topics include screen and toolbar identification; working with new and existing workbooks; text and value entry; using simple formulas; navigating throughout a worksheet; inserting and deleting columns, rows, cells, and named ranges; relative and mixed cell references and font adjustments to increase the readability of your spreadsheet. The course fee does not include the required textbook. Required Textbook Title: Microsoft Excel 2019 & 365: Level 1 Packaging Option: Print Purchasing Page Url:… Price: $49.00 Author(s): Alex Scott, Item #: 1-64061-113-4 ISBN: 978-1-64061-113-9

Fall 2024
Noncredit 0.0
Class Fee: $176.00
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Open Sa 9:00am-12:00pm
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Sync Online

Sync Online courses are a combination of course instruction and student participation occurring synchronously online through a video conferencing platform (such as Zoom) on the scheduled days and times for the course. This allows students to engage with faculty and peers in real-time. Instruction can also occur Online (asynchronously), through Canvas.

Azhar, Fariya
Meets between: Sep. 7-Sep. 21