At its core, sociology is the study of human social relationships. However, the complex reality of sociology involves diverse subject matter—social class, religion, race, crime, family, government—and the shared and divisive beliefs of culture.

Waubonsee’s Sociology Program explores these and other topics, discovering how human actions are shaped by the culture and social structure that surrounds us. Our associate degree will transfer into bachelor's degree studies and prepare you for a meaningful career.

Studying Sociology at Waubonsee


Waubonsee’s Sociology Program develops your “sociological imagination,” helping you look at the world in new ways in a vibrant, inclusive and safe learning community.

Our interactive teaching and focus on building bonds between students is a microcosm of sociology itself and a transformative educational experience.

Faculty stress analytical and critical thinking as well as developing essential skills in report writing, presentations and group work. There are also opportunities to be involved in a range of real research projects on topics including human rights and race and ethnic relations.

Working in Sociology

A sociology major is a strong foundation for many occupations including social work, teaching, criminal justice, journalism, law, management and research.

Or if you want to pursue a graduate degree, sociology courses help shape future curriculum in political science, religion, medicine and more.

Regardless of your career path, sociology studies enrich the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

Transfer Guide

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With proper planning, our transfer degrees can take you anywhere, but check
out this Social Work Transfer Guide (pdf) for specific course recommendations for select area four-year schools.



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