Politics and governance are an intriguing combination of historic structure and modern precedent.

They also can be an exciting basis for a career—and Waubonsee’s Political Science Program is positioned to give you the start you need.

Our associate degree sets you up to transfer to a four-year university and pursue a bachelor’s degree that you can apply to just about any field.

Studying Political Science at Waubonsee

Our curriculum gives you an introduction to the structure and organization of our country’s national political institutions and processes. Classes deconstruct and discuss the concepts, theories and methods of government and public policy, helping you find your voice while developing skills in research, writing and presentation.

For first-hand experience, you can participate in Waubonsee’s Model Illinois Government delegation to the Illinois State Capital in Springfield. During this annual legislative simulation, students act as legislators, analysts, lobbyists, journalists, attorneys, justices and other essential government personnel. This real-life exposure to the multi-faceted legislative process is engaging and enlightening.

Working in Political Science

Thanks to the complexities of modern legislation and the political climate, political science is considered an essential component in a broad education.

With a political science background, graduates go on to work in media and corporate communications, law, community and social work, development, education—and, of course, politics.

Regardless of role, political science studies help you make an impact in the world.

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