About Canvas

At Waubonsee, all online courses are delivered through Canvas, the college’s learning management system. Students use Canvas to:

  • Access the course syllabus (class map), explaining the expectations and deadlines of the class
  • View online lectures
  • Participate in virtual discussions and chats
  • Submit assignments
  • Take exams and practice quizzes
  • Communicate with their instructors

If this is your first semester taking classes online or if you are new to Canvas, we recommend completing the Canvas Student Orientation. You may move through the Modules in order or, you can open only the Modules you would like to learn more about. The course is self-paced and you can refer back to it at any time as a reference.

Accessing Canvas

To access Canvas, log in to mywcc and select "Canvas" from the menu at the top of the page:

Canvas link on mywcc menu

You can also access Canvas directly at http://waubonsee.instructure.com. It is recommended that you bookmark this page for quick access, or if mywcc is unavailable.

By default, all active classes will appear in your Canvas Dashboad.

While you can access many Canvas features on the mobile app, it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop computer to submit assignments and take exams. If you feel you do not have the adequate technology needed to complete your coursework, the college may be able to provide you with the equipment you need at no cost. Students can request an equipment loan through ServiceDesk or by calling the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at (630) 466-4357.

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