The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) as amended is a federal law intended to protect the privacy of student educational records accumulated from early childhood through college. FERPA provides parents with certain rights with respect to their children's educational records; however, once a student enters college or reaches the age of 18, the rights previously held by the parents transfer exclusively to the student.

Ordinarily, parents of Waubonsee Community College students obtain information about their children's records, including grades, directly from their children. FERPA does state that the college may release information to the parents of a student but is not required to do so. Registration and Records may disclose information to parents if:

  • Parents or guardians obtain the student's written consent. Students should complete an Authorization for the Release of Non-Directory Information form, which can be found on mywcc. This authorizes Registration and Records to disclose copies of the official academic records to his or her parent.


  • Parents submit a copy of the first page of their most recent income tax return indicating that the student is a dependent as defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

Students can set up parents as authorized users in Waubonsee's online payment system if students wish to have their parents make a direct payment on their account. The payment of a student's tuition by the parent does not, by itself, give that parent the right of access to a student's record. Questions concerning these procedures may be directed to the Registrar.

Once approved documentation is on file, subsequent inquiries must be made in person with proper identification or in writing to the address included in the release. Access to official educational records does not allow parents to directly contact instructors or academic deans.

Additional information is available from the College Parents of America.


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