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Example Degree
Major Code: AA35
Associate in Arts
Area of Concentration: Liberal Arts

This is ONLY an EXAMPLE. If you intend to transfer, check early with your transfer school and Counseling to ensure you're meeting ALL requirements. Transfer schools may vary in their requirements.
  1. College Requirements
  2. General Education Requirements37
    1. Communications9
      • COM100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
      • ENG101 First-Year Composition I3
      • ENG102 First-Year Composition II3
    2. Social and Behavioral Sciences9
    3. Physical and Life Sciences7
    4. Mathematics3
      • MTH101 College Mathematics or
        MTH102 Applied Practical Math3
    5. Humanities and Fine Arts9
  3. Additional College Requirements2-3
    1. Social Awareness/Personal Growth2-3
    2. Physical and Life Sciences/Mathno additional hours
    3. Non-Western and Diversity
  4. Area of Concentration/Elective Requirements20-21Recommendations include additional courses in Social and Behavioral Sciences (II.B), Humanities and Fine Arts (II.E.) and Foreign Languages.

Assessment required.