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Example Degree
Major Code: AS32
Associate in Science
Area of Concentration: Early Childhood Education

This is ONLY an EXAMPLE. If you intend to transfer, check early with your transfer school and Counseling to ensure you're meeting ALL requirements. Transfer schools may vary in their requirements.
  1. College Requirements
  2. General Education Requirements37
    1. Communications9
      • COM100 Fund. of Speech Communication3
      • ENG101 First Year Composition I3
      • ENG102 First Year Composition II3
    2. Social and Behavioral Sciences*9
      • HIS121 American History to 1865
        HIS122 American History Since 18653
      • PSY100 Introduction to Psychology3
    3. Physical and Life Sciences7
    4. Mathematics3
      • MTH202 Math for Elementary Teachers II3
    5. Humanities and Fine Arts**9
  3. Additional College Requirements5-9
    1. Social Awareness/Personal Growth2-3
    2. Physical & Life Sciences/Mathematics3-6
      • MTH201 Math for Elementary Teachers I3
    3. Non-Western and Diversity
  4. Area of Concentration/Elective Requirements14-18
      Recommendations include:
    • ECE115 Child Growth and Development
    • EDU200 Introduction to Education3
    • EDU220 Introduction to Special Education3

Assessment required.

* Students planning to attend Northern Illinois University should take HIS121 and HIS122.

** Students planning to attend Northern Illinois University should take PHL105.

Note: For specific course requirements or recommendations consult with Counseling.

NOTE: Because of teacher certification requirements, transfer school requirements and WCC graduation requirements, meet with a counselor as soon as you declare early childhood education as your intended major. Note the following:

  • Students must successfully complete the ICTS Basic Skills Test before being admitted into most schools of education in Illinois.
  • All schools require specific courses for admission to the early childhood education program. Contact Counseling for additional information.