Payment Plans

To make financing your education just a little bit easier, Waubonsee offers a few different payment plan options. Some things to keep in mind about payment plans:

  • The earlier you register, the smaller your payments!
  • A nonrefundable $25 set-up fee is charged for each semester you choose to enroll in a payment plan
  • A late payment fee will be added to your balance for any payment not made by the due date, which is why we encourage you to choose automatic payments!
  • You don’t pay any interest in any plan
  • You can get complete details (including specific down payment/installment amounts) and enroll in a plan through the Student Account Suite

Choosing a Payment Plan

Right now, you can choose from three main payment plans – the Waubonsee Response Payment Plan, the Chiefs Payment Plan and the Deferred Payment Plan. Keep in mind that the Deferred Payment Plan is meant for those students who are waiting for a verified source to come through (financial aid, scholarships, veterans, or employer/third party) or college savings plan.

Read the details of each plan and if you still have questions about which may be right for you and your situation, just ask!

Waubonsee Response Payment Plan

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Created to help students during this challenging pandemic, this plan is available to those who register for fall classes by June 30. It requires no down payment, just the $25 set-up fee, and the first installment is not due until July 20.

Enroll in plan Down payment Due dates
June (for fall classes) $25 fee 20th of July, Aug., Sept. and Oct.

Chiefs Payment Plan

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In this standard plan, the plan names represent how many installment payments are included.

Enroll in plan Plan # & # installments Down payment Due dates
May Chiefs #5 $25 fee + 10% 20th of June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct.
June Chiefs #4 $25 fee + 15% 20th of July, Aug., Sept., Oct.
July Chiefs #3 $25 fee + 20% 20th of Aug., Sept., Oct.
Aug. Chiefs #2 $25 fee + 30% 20th of Sept, Oct.
Sept. Chiefs #1 $25 fee + 50% 20th of Oct.

Deferred Payment Plan

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This plan is unique in that it does require automatic payments, a bank account or debit/credit card, and is designed for a specific type of student. It should be used by those students waiting on a verified source to come through (financial aid, scholarships, veterans benefits, or employer/third party) or college savings plan. Down payment is just the $25 set-up fee with two installments.

Enroll in plan Down payment Due dates
May $25 fee 20th of July and Aug.
June $25 fee 20th of Aug. and Sept.
July or Aug. $25 fee 20th of Sept. and Oct.

Set-Up Your Payment Plan

Visit our Student Account Suite to enroll in your payment plan.

Contact the Student Accounts and Cashier Office

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Sugar Grove Campus
Student Center, Second Floor
(630) 466-5705