Tax Credits and 1098-T Statement

Education tax credits may be available to you based on educational expenses paid for you, your spouse and/or your dependents. Please refer to the IRS Education Credits Online Resource Guide (PDF) for information on education credits available.

The information on this page is not intended to provide comprehensive tax advice. A taxpayer should consult a tax professional for further information regarding educational tax credits and deductions.

To apply for a credit, taxpayers must report the amount paid up to qualified tuition and fees, as well as the amount of certain scholarships and grants used toward tuition and fees in the tax year. (The tax year is defined as January 1 to December 31.) Schools are required to provide this information to each taxpayer in the form of a 1098-T Tuition Statement by January 31 of each year. Taxpayers use this information, along with their own tuition and fee records, to complete IRS form 8863 (PDF) and claim education credits.