Student Nursing Association

Waubonsee Student Nurse Association provides each member the opportunity for growth within the professional environment and offers other advantages.

  • Encourages mentorship between various levels of nursing students
  • Promotes service activities within the community through a variety of charitable actions
  • Demonstrates professionalism by inviting guest speakers in diverse roles of nursing
  • Provides each student opportunities for learning via site visits by Kaplan NCLEX review specialists and Hurst NCLEX review specialists
  • Allows students the ability to join the student nurse association at the national level (

Nursing skills learning lab

Nursing students are provided with the academic and clinical experiences necessary to give competent entry-level nursing care in today's complex and ever- changing society. Graduates work in a variety of health care settings including hospital, long-term care facilities, ambulatory care, home care, clinics and physician offices.

The nursing lab offers students a unique opportunity to learn, practice and review selected nursing skills prior to caring for patients during assigned clinical experiences. A variety of simulation equipment is available for students to learn skills and be tested on core nursing knowledge. The lab is staffed by professional nurses to assist in transitioning the student to actual patient care. The lab can enhance textbook assignments while offering a supportive atmosphere throughout a student's learning process.

Online Resources

Waubonsee faculty has identified online resources and/or other information that may be useful to students studying this discipline.