You probably don't think of yourself as a philosopher. But if you have ever asked, "Does life have meaning? How should I live? What do I believe?" then you have thought like one.

An education in philosophy can have a tremendous impact on your career, thanks to its focus on critical thinking, rational reasoning and problem solving.

These and other skills developed through the Philosophy Program at Waubonsee will open your mind to possibility—as well as higher education achievements and elevated earning potential in more industries than you might think.


Studying Philosophy at Waubonsee

Waubonsee’s philosophy curriculum delves into the history of philosophy, logic, ethics, aesthetics and world religions.

The curriculum is designed to help students reflect on deep questions about themselves and the world around them, including fundamental questions of right and wrong, truth and falsehood, the meaning of life, and the nature of reality, knowledge and society.

Our engaged faculty encourages you to think independently, communicate concisely and engage collaboratively with other students as you approach complex philosophical topics together. You can continue the conversation outside the classroom by joining the Philosophy Club.

Featured News

Waubonsee Community College has named its 2018 Outstanding Faculty Member. Steven Zusman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, has served as a full-time philosophy professor at Waubonsee since 2012.

Waubonsee Names 2018 Outstanding Faculty Member Awardee

Working in Philosophy

You won’t necessarily work in philosophy, but you’ll certainly work with philosophy.

The ability to solve complex problems with clear, creative thinking is valuable in every profession, whether you pursue a career in law, journalism, politics or education, or enter the business world.

As the market becomes more competitive and graduate degrees become more desirable, philosophy classes are essential for strong entrance exam results. Or you may choose a philosophy minor to complement your major course of study, giving you a well-rounded background for success in any career.

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