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Semester: Fall 2022
Credit Hours: 4.0
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Fall 2022
Prereq or Coreq required

This second course in calculus and analytic geometry is a continuation of MTH 131. Topics covered include formal integration techniques, numerical integration, area between two curves, volumes of revolution, average value of a function, work, center of mass, improper integrals, arc length, surfaces of revolution, polar coordinates, slopes in polar coordinates, areas in polar coordinates, parametric equations, calculus with parametric equations, sequences, series, the integral test, alternating series, comparison tests, absolute convergence, ratio and root tests, power series, calculus with power series, Taylor series, and Taylor's Theorem.

Prereq: C or better in MTH131.

IAI: M1 900-2, MTH 902.

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Open MW 12:30pm-2:10pm
Course Location

Sugar Grove Campus, Bodie Hall, Room 244

Sugar Grove Campus
Waubonsee Community College
Route 47 at Waubonsee Drive
Sugar Grove, IL 60554-9454
(630) 466-7900

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