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Once you arrive here, use our campus map (pdf) to navigate around.

Parking information

  1. Registration of student cars is not necessary. Use only designated parallel-line parking spaces.
  2. Parking is prohibited in unmarked areas or in designated non-parking areas; vehicles parked in unauthorized spaces will be ticketed.
  3. Adhere to all rules of the road on campus. Drive and park according to posted signs.
  4. You may not park vehicles for more than 24-hours on campus without authorization; violations are subject to the fine schedule. Notify Campus Police if a vehicle is to be left on campus overnight.
  5. Temporary permits for parking in reserved spots are available from Campus Police, Dickson Center, first floor. A doctor's verification is required to obtain the permit.

Public transportation

Kendall County residents can utilize Kendall Area Transit (KAT) to get to campus. All KAT riders must be registered and must schedule rides in advance. KAT makes its first drop-off to the Sugar Grove Campus at 8:50 a.m., followed by a second drop-off/first pick-up at 1 p.m. The second pick-up of the day is at 5 p.m. (except on Fridays). For information regarding registration, fares and scheduling, please call the KAT office at (630) 882-6970.