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Waubonsee Associate Professor of English Ellen Lindeen published an essay discussing U.S. policy regarding Syria, and Assistant Professor of English Kim Livingston published an essay discussing her experiences in seeking guardianship of her mentally ill adult brother.

Two Waubonsee English Professors Publish Essays in External Publications

Two professors from Waubonsee Community College’s English Department have published essays in external publications.

Ellen Lindeen, Associate Professor of English, wrote an essay titled “Letter to President Obama from a Loyal Supporter.” The essay was written in late summer, as the U.S. debated how to respond to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war in Syria. In it, Lindeen urges President Barack Obama to choose a diplomatic solution.

The essay was published in September in the Peace Voice, as well as other publications, including the Salem News, Voice of the Ozarks, Joplin Independent, Las Vegas Informer, Truthout, Arizona Community Press, and Sierra County Prospect.

Kim Livingston, Assistant Professor of English, wrote an essay titled “Court Date.”

The essay recounts in vivid detail her thoughts and the events of a trip Livingston took to the DuPage County Courthouse with her brother, who she said had been diagnosed with a mental illness, and for whom she was asking the court to appoint her guardian.

The essay was published in the October edition of the online literary magazine, Blue Lake Review.