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Summer: Registration is now open for courses beginning May 18, June 8 (most popular) or July 6.

More than 100 courses are offered online, most of which are transferable gen ed credits.

Fall: Registration is now open with most courses starting August 24.

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Payment Plans

To make financing your education just a little bit easier, Waubonsee is now offering expanded payment plan options. The earlier you register, the smaller your payments!

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Registration Checklist

Make sure you are eligible to register. Check if you have any holds on your account.
Review your degree and program requirements. Meet with your advisor to ensure you are taking the right courses for your major and school you plan to transfer into.
Check the 2020 course schedule and write down the CRN’s for the classes you want to register for.
Check if the courses you want to take have any testing requirements or pre-reqs.
Make sure you know where to go to register either in-person or online.
Decide how you are going to pay. Learn more about our new tuition arrangement deadlines and payment options

Let us help by answering some common questions.

Course Requirements and Recommendations

Transfer Pathways

Want to know what courses to take based on your possible four-year major? We've made it easy with our semester-by-semester transfer pathways.

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