COVID-19 Guidelines

The health and well-being of our college community is a top priority. This page provides a variety of protocols and best practices to help guide a healthy and safe semester. 

Waubonsee students are NOT required to show proof of vaccination or be tested regularly. However, the Illinois Department of Public Health continues to promote vaccines and boosters as they can significantly reduce the severity of COVID should you be infected. Also, students in health care programs may be required to be vaccinated, per hospital/clinical site regulations. 

Kane County Vax Hub 
Kendall County Heath Department Vaccine Information 


You Must Report A Positive Case

Any student or employee who has COVID-19 or is currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should email and stay home. Once you’ve reported, please allow us to initiate our contact tracing process, and do NOT return to campus until you receive instructions to do so.

Getting Tested For COVID-19

Free testing is available at the Kane Vax Hub or at other SHIELD Illinois community testing sites.

Additional testing locations can be found on the Illinois Department of Public Health web page. You may test at the location closest to you.

Masks Are Encouraged But Not Required

High-quality masks are available at buildings’ primary entrance(s). Please be respectful of all those who choose to wear them. 

Practicing Good Hygiene Habits

Remember to wash your hands, cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing, and stay home if sick.

College Policies

The Waubonsee Community College Board of Trustees has policies that guide the college. The entire Board Policy Manual is available for review. There are a few specific policies that apply to the current situation. They are:

Other resources available with information about college practices and efforts are:

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