December 16, 2020 - President’s Message

As we wrap up Waubonsee’s fall semester and the year 2020, I want to look back as well as look ahead.

Looking Back – Fall 2020 Semester

YOU DID IT! In the face of a global pandemic, a possible transition to online or remote learning, and countless other personal challenges you may have faced, you persevered. This is a wonderful accomplishment, and I applaud you for it.

Remember that the college remains open through 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 23, with access to campus buildings remaining limited, and services remaining virtual. Then the college will be closed for the winter break through Sunday, January 3.

Looking Ahead - Spring 2021 Semester

As you enjoy a well-earned break, I hope that you are already making your plans for the upcoming spring semester. While it can be challenging to remain motivated as the global pandemic continues, now is the time to persevere so that you emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

When the college re-opens after winter break on Monday, January 4, access to campus buildings will remain limited and services will be virtual. However, when classes start on Tuesday, January 19, in-person services will resume and courses will meet on-campus as originally scheduled with all appropriate safety protocols in place (wash up, mask up, measure up!).

And while we will offer in-person services and courses, we will also encourage virtual services and online courses to minimize the number of individuals on-campus as an additional safety protocol. I encourage you to learn more about all the course delivery options at

In addition to the flexibility of our MyChoice options, additional support including extensive technical resources, alternate payment sources, and other academic and student resources are available to help you succeed. You can learn more and connect with your advisor or counselor at

While these are our current plans, we know things may change, and so we will continue to communicate as we lead up to the spring semester start. Be sure to bookmark for the latest information.

Thank you for making Waubonsee Community College a part of your 2020 and for trusting in us to help you earn your educational win. I wish you and yours a safe, restful and peaceful holiday season.

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College Policies


The Waubonsee Community College Board of Trustees has policies that guide the college. The entire Board Policy Manual is available for review. There are a few specific policies that apply to the current situation. They are:

Other resources available with information about college practices and efforts are:

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Waubonsee Response Teams

Emergency Management Group (EMG)

Waubonsee has an Emergency Management Group (EMG) that has overall responsibility for continuity of campus operations and strategic response to all emergencies and incidents. While the issue of the coronavirus is not a current emergency for the college, it is a significant incident that is being overseen by the EMG. The EMG is made up of:

  • College President; Dr. Christine Sobek
  • Vice President of Finance and Administration; Mr. Douglas E. Minter
  • Vice President of Educational Affairs; Dr. Diane Nyhammer
  • Vice President of Student Development; Dr. Melinda Tejada
  • Vice President of Strategic Development; Dr. Jamal Scott
  • Executive Director of Marketing and Communications; Ms. Amanda Geist
Coronavirus Action Team

The EMG has created a team of people to help coordinate the college’s response to the coronavirus. Each member of this team has specific areas of expertise as well as oversight of college operations. The members of that team are:

  • Executive Director of Campus Safety and Operations; Mr. Dan Larsen
  • Executive Director of Marketing and Communications; Ms. Amanda Geist
  • Executive Director of Human Resources; Ms. Michele Needham
  • Chief Information Officer; Mr. Terence Felton
  • Assistant Vice President of Student Services; Dr. Scott Peska
  • Assistant Vice President of Education and Workforce Development; Ms. Suzette Murray
  • Assistant Vice President of Finance; Ms. Darla Cardine
  • Assistant Dean for Online Learning and Flexible Delivery; Mr. Eamon Newman
  • Purchasing Manager; Ms. Theresa Larson