Golf Outing Update for 2020

After careful consideration the Waubonsee Community College Foundation, with the support of Waubonsee leadership, has, unfortunately, decided to cancel our annual golf outing for 2020. After thorough discussion, we determined that there are too many limitations and restrictions surrounding the logistics of the event that would prevent our guests from being able to safely socialize and enjoy the day to the fullest in the manner that has come to be expected at the Waubonsee Foundation Golf Outing.  Though this was a difficult decision, we believe it is the correct decision in order to ensure the health and safety of all our constituents.

Providing students a high-quality education and helping them achieve their dreams remains our top priority.  Scholarship support is still badly needed, now more than ever.  This year, COVID-19 impacted many students’ ability to continue on the path to their academic goals.  The number of students applying for emergency funding has increased exponentially.  Requests made to Waubonsee’s Emergency Needs Fund show that students are struggling with basic daily needs like housing and food.  The Waubonsee Foundation continues in our efforts to raise additional emergency funding to be able to help our students pursue the education they are working so hard to achieve. In addition, we need to replenish our General Scholarship Fund so that we are able to continue to award students scholarships at our current levels next year.

In light of these very challenging times for our students and college community, we hope that you might consider a generous donation even given the cancellation of this event.  Since there will be no goods or services attached to the gift, the entire amount of your donation will be 100% tax deductible.

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