Why is an NCRC Plus Necessary?

  • It demonstrates your foundational skill levels in four specific areas important to employers.
  • It shows employers your qualities of work discipline, teamwork, customer service orientation and managerial potential.
  • It gives you an advantage when applying for jobs.
  • Once employers know your skill levels, they can determine if you are a qualified candidate for their job openings, as the NCRC Plus complements your diploma and resume.
  • Employers across all businesses and industries are looking for a reliable way to measure foundational skills and soft skills to ensure they are hiring qualified candidates.
  • An NCRC Plus increases the likelihood that you will be successful in a particular job.

All of this adds up to a competitive advantage, better job opportunities and a brighter employment future!

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More Info.

Contact Workforce Development at Waubonsee Community College - (630) 906-4152.